Love Letter- A whitepaper on Lovecoin

Lovecoin: ‘Your Love is Blockchained’

First Sight - (Abstract)

Dear love,

I am back, as I promised you in the last summer when the duty called me. I still remember your gaze following the long tracks at the train station. All these days it was your memories that lead me forward.. and as I promised you, I am back with a gift that no one ever gifted, an everlasting gift to cherish our immortal love.

My love, I searched the entire world for something that will symbolize our relation. But my dear, I realized that there is nothing like you and me. We are unique, our love is incomparable and most of all, there is nothing in this world that can represent your presence in my life. Yet finally I found something that is unique as Us, that is incomparable as our Love, that can represent our blended souls and something that will last forever like our Love.

Oh my love, Here I present you the ‘Lovecoin’- the secret key to our love paradise, an eternal identity for You and Me, an indestructible edifice to portray our love story. It will tell our story to the whole world... forever. Our love will be inscribed here forever, the next generation will see it and the generation after it and the generation after.

Today, we create a “Lovedentity for our blended souls. There is no longer You and Me, it is ‘We’ and always will be.

With Love

The Heart

The blockchain and cryptocoins have already conquered the investor's minds and caught the common man's attention. New use cases of blockchain are being introduced and tested every day. Even though most of the present currencies haven't shown a consistent growth prospect, the ICO market is still flooded with new coins. Other than the cryptocoins, the possibilities of blockchain is still a fantasy to the common people and technology enthusiast. In other words, a considerable level of skepticism exists even among those who deal with cryptocoins daily. On the other hand, the countless possibilities of blockchain are highly applied in business level use cases.

Apart from some blockchain centric games and digital collectibles; blockchain is still distant from simple and common application areas.

Lovecoin is the first attempt to apply the blockchain technology to a completely new domain which directly connects all the common people equally- ‘Love’. Yes, ‘Love’, the highest form of all human emotions, something that every individual has, something that is not quantifiable and lays beyond all the relative perceptions.

Lovecoin is a digital collectible that is limited in numbers. It is created in ethereum blockchain and each coin is one of its kind. People can buy the coin, inscribe the names in the coin and gift it to their soulmate. That's all, an indestructible ‘Lovedentity’ of the couples is created and stored in blockchain forever.

Expand the reach of blockchain to common man

Lovecoin is not complex, it is simple and associated with everyone's life. The feeling that all have, love to his family, wife, friends etc. It is the perfect way for blockchain to reach the average people, the simplest way to educate them about immense possibilities of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. As they do in normal life, just gift a collectible to their love. But this time the gift has new dimensions; they are getting a rare chance to preserve their love forever.

A secret key to lovers paradise

Lovecoin is not just a collectible, it is just the beginning. It is a secret key to lovers paradise, a Virtual world waiting for Lovecoin holders. There is more they can do with Lovecoin, Love Games, Love Quest and lovers paradise is full of surprises. In fact, Lovecoin is a key to explore many yet to come Blockchain services for lovers.


There's plenty of methods available in the cyber world to create the individual identity, but not a single way to represent a couple. Lovedentity (Love + Identity), a revolutionary concept no one has ever ventured. Every Lovecoin is unique and one of its kind; gifting a Lovecoin will create a unique digital Lovedentity of the couples. A digital identity for already blended souls. Now onwards there is no ‘You’ and ‘Me’ in cyberspace; it is ‘We’ and our Lovedentity.

Create a universal platform to express Love

Blockchain is universal, visible to the people around the world, so does the Lovecoin. Lovecoin is a rare opportunity to showcase your love before the whole world. Additional to this, each lovecoin will occupy a unique place in Universal Wall Of Love (WoL); it is a digital wall where all the lovedentity will be displayed graphically.

Preserve the Love till eternity

The most acknowledged character of pure love is its immortality, and Lovecoin is the perfect way to represent this immortal love before the whole world. People can inscribe their names in Lovecoin and it will be stored in blockchain forever. Blockchain is immutable and indestructible, so does the Lovecoin. Lovecoin is an exclusive opportunity to preserve the love eternally. An everlasting digital edifice to manifest the immortal love.

Rare and Precious Collectible

Lovecoin will be available in limited numbers, only one in 152000 people get the opportunity to collect it. So it is a one time opportunity to own a Rare, Precious and Secure digital collectible to represents one’s love. Lovecoin is the first digital collectible exclusively made for lovers, and it has security advantage of the blockchain. It will remain in blockchain as a precious collectible forever.

Digital Asset

Above all, Lovecoin is a digital token, it is tradable too. Longer the love lasts higher the value goes. People can Buy, Sell and Bid the coins and transfer the ownership of lovecoin to others. The new owner can rewrite the coin and create the new Lovedentity. Since its supply is fixed and it is a gift, it is unlikely that the owners will sell the Lovecoin. So the demand for Lovecoin may steadily increase in future, making it a highly valuable asset

Lovecoin Image

Lovecoin image is a new design marvel, this high-resolution image which is a remarkable craftsmanship, is embedded with millions of secret things like love quotes, names of world famous lovers, love symbols, secrete and ancient symbols, treasure maps and so on. These secrets will be partially unraveled later via quizzes and games conducted for the public, yet most of the secrets will remain hidden, open to public treasure hunters. Only one side of the coin is published right now, the other side, which will be engraved with all the names of Lovecoin owners (all 50000), will be published by Feb-2019. A 3D printable image file of Lovecoin will also be available for download later, people can print Lovecoin and gift physically. A truly remarkable gift.


Lovecoin - Product

Lovecoin is a brave new concept that explores the possibilities of the blockchain Technology. Lovecoin is a Crypto Collectible/Crypto Token that is developed and deployed in Ethereum blockchain. It is neither a game nor a business, it is developed purely for those who treasure their love; as an innovative and most appropriate way to represent their love in digital space.

Through Lovecoin, we put forward a new idea called ‘Lovedentity’, a digital identity for ‘Love’. A Lovecoin can be used as a Lovedentity that uniquely represents a pair of people. Lovecoin is not the end but it is just the opening key to the Lovers Paradise, a digital world with full of adventures and surprises.

The total supply of Lovecoin is a maximum of 50000, out of which 10% (5000) will be reserved for Token Giveaway and developmental purposes. Every time a purchaser send ETH to Lovecoin ETH address, Lovecoin smart contract will issue a new Lovecoin to purchasers address. Unlike other popular tokens, there won't be any ICO, the token sale portal will be active till the total supply is exhausted. People can also buy pre-owned Lovecoin from Lovecoin marketplace.

Lovecoin is a Non-Fungible token, each of the token is individually tracked and managed in the blockchain. We have used the ERC-721 token protocol in Lovecoin smart contract to meet the standard for ownership and transactions of non-fungible assets on the blockchain. So that each of the lovecoin will be unique and thus become a Lovedentity.

Another revolutionary concept we introduce is the ‘Universal Wall of Love’ (WoL). WoL is a graphical canvas in Lovecoin’s portal which consists of 0.05 million individual blocks. Each lovecoin is mapped to a block in WoL. The wall will showcase a graphical display of all ‘Lovedentity’, the owner can display the names and a short message on the spot.

The Lovecoin buyers have to choose any of the available spots in the WoL while they buy a Lovecoin or any time before they gift it. The initial ‘Coin to WoL spot’ mapping is permanent in nature and it is not changeable in future.


Lovecoin Transactions


People can buy the Lovecoin in exchange for Ether from our token sale portal. They can transfer Ether to Lovecoin smart contract and the smart contract will release the Lovecoin to the buyers account instantly.


The Lovedentity is created only when the owner of a Lovecoin gift it to another account. While gifting the coin, the owner can provide the names which He/She wish to embed in the Lovecoin. The smart contract will encode the names in Lovecoin and the Lovedentity is created. The transaction will be recorded in blockchain so that it becomes an immutable, indestructible identity of ‘Love’.

The WoL display of a Lovecoin will become active only after it has become a Lovedentity. While gifting a Lovecoin, the sender can write a message to be displayed in corresponding WoL spot. Once the gifting transaction is completed, the names along with message will be displayed in the block associated with that Lovecoin.


A lovecoin owner can sell his coin through the Lovecoin marketplace When a Lovecoin is sold, the ownership of the coin and the ownership of the mapped WoL spot is transferred to the new owner. A new entry will be passed in blockchain to enforce the changes.

Bid on WoL Spot

A person who is interested in a particular spot of WoL can place a bid on that spot. The bid will be notified to the owner of that place; the owner may accept or reject the bid. But the point is that, to own a place in WoL, one must possess the Lovecoin mapped to that spot. If the owner accepts the proposal, the smart contract will transfer the amount from the bidders account to the owner and the Lovecoin will be transferred to the bidder's account. Bidding process involves three transactions.

Placing the bid - Transaction cost is charged from the bidder

Approve the bid - Transaction cost is charged from the owner of Lovecoin

Claim the coin- Transaction cost is charged from the bidder

Trust of Love, Entrusted in Blockchain

Love is built on a lot of delicate components the Trust and Care being the foremost among it, so does the Lovecoin. Lovecoin is developed and deployed in Ethereum blockchain. Buy, Sell or Gift, all the transactions are recorded securely in blockchain and it is visible to all, so the ownership of Lovecoin is undisputed and it can’t be taken away from the user by anyone.

Value of Love

The transaction cost of Lovecoin basically depends upon many factors including Gaslimit and Gas Price in Ethereum blockchain, and the values change constantly. A sample transaction cost calculation when Gas Price =1 gwei

Buy Lovecoin

Gas limit : 156582
Max Tx Fee: 0.000156 ETH

Gift Lovecoin

Gas limit : 248721
Max Tx Fee: 0.000248 ETH

Add To Marketplace

Gas limit : 125634
Max Tx Fee: 0.000125 ETH

Remove From Marketplace

Gas Limit : 58272
Max Tx. Fee: 0.000058 ETH

Buy From Marketplace

Gas Limit : 118851
Max Tx. Fee: 0.000118 ETH

Bid Coin

Gas Limit : 165039
Max Tx. Fee: 0.000165 ETH

Bid Approval

Gas Limit : 42422
Max Tx. Fee: 0.000042 ETH

Bid Cancel

Gas Limit : 65133
Max Tx. Fee: 0.000065 ETH

Bid Approval Cancel

Gas Limit : 42297
Max Tx. Fee: 0.000042 ETH

Claim Lovecoin

Gas Limit : 104893 gwei
Max Tx. Fee: 0.000104 ETH

Redeem Lovecoin

Gas Limit : 185934
Max Tx. Fee: 0.000185 ETH

Conclusion (Lets breakup)

Many love stories stood the test of time because of the marks they made in history, either as a folk story or as a monument or by some other means. Ardent lovers always found a distinct way to express their deep affection for each other, it was such ‘distinct ways’ that carved their stories in history. Taj Mahal is such an example, it is because of the Taj, the love story of Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal is still celebrated. In today's highly connected digital world, team Lovecoin is giving a new direction and dimension to love, an opportunity to become the part of history, an offer to express the love in a unique way, a chance to construct a monument to mark your love story in history books.

Lovecoin is more than a gift, it is an everlasting edifice to manifest your love, it is the key to Lovers Paradise - a place where Lovers can find the meaning of their love. We believe in blockchain as we believe in Love, and we wish, bringing all those loving hearts in a common place would appeal the humanity to love each other, instead of hate. Lovecoin is not abundant, but it is not costly either, all you need is an unquenchable desire to be the part of history.

We believe in love, our religion is love and our language is Love. That is why we adopted the Blockchain technology to develop a unique digital collectible which will withstand the tides of time and manifest your love to the present and future generation.

With Love
Team Lovecoin