What is Lovecoin?

Lovecoin is a Crypto Collectible developed and deployed in Ethereum blockchain. Each of the Lovecoin is unique, you can gift Lovecoin to your loved one and create a unique identity (Lovedentity) that represents both of you; on which your names will be inscribed cryptographically.
By gifting Lovecoin, you will also get an opportunity to engrave your names in WoL. and there is more, keep reading

What do I get exactly by gifting Lovecoin?

Well, there is a lot if I say. For starters, you own a rare crypto collectible. And when you gift it, your name and your partner's name will be inscribed cryptographically in the coin, thus it becomes your Lovedentity.
You also get a unique spot in WoL, here, you can inscribe your names along with a quote that best describes your love. Wait..!we are not done yet. This coin and your Lovedentity is just the beginning there is more to come in the future.

So, the names will be inscribed both in the Lovecoin and the Wall?

Exactly, the difference is that the names embedded in the coin are not always viewable
(It is a crypto stuff.. dear) But the wall will be visible to anyone in the universe

How can I get a Lovecoin?

He/She will definitely buy a Lovecoin and gift you. Or you may buy it from our page and gift to that person.
Hey, don't be sad if you are single.. You can also buy Lovecoin, keep it till you find your soulmate, and propose her with Lovecoin and give a surprise. Anyone can buy Lovecoin from ‘’ you just need Chrome/Firefox Web browser, Metamask wallet and some Ether in your wallet. Or you can buy Lovecoin by sending 0.0143 ETH to our contract address 0xf449302cf10352a22eef335c7ca89edbd42d9339 from any wallet of ether. inorder to view the Lovecoin you need to add the above address in ‘Add token’ option in the wallet. but it will be the coin only ,to acquire the complete features of Lovecoin you have to login to the website with metamask.

Can I buy Lovecoin from my smartphone? can buy Lovecoin from your smartphone also, simply goto any ethereum wallet and send 0.0143 ETH to 0xf449302cf10352a22eef335c7ca89edbd42d9339 and you will get 1 Love. To view the coin in your wallet you need to add the above address in ‘Add token’ option in the wallet. but it will be the coin only ,to acquire the complete features of Lovecoin , you need Metamask and log in to through Desktop since metamask is currently supported in desktop version of Google Chrome/FireFox browsers only.

How can I view my Lovecoins from an ether wallet?

Send 0.0143 ETH to the contract address 0xf449302cf10352a22eef335c7ca89edbd42d9339 then add the contract address in ‘Add token’ option of the wallet then the coin will be added as a token to your wallet.

How install metamask?

Please watch this video to know how to install and use Metamask.

How to Buy Lovecoin?

If you are all set. Login to profile using Metamask. You can see the ‘Buy’ option there. Buy Lovecoin and Gift it to your Love. or you can simply send 0.0143 ETH to our smart contract address 0xf449302cf10352a22eef335c7ca89edbd42d9339 then you will get a Lovecoin to your wallet.

Do I need to pay for Lovecoin?

Yes.. the Lovecoin smart contract releases a new coin only when a certain amount of ETH( 0.0143 ETH precisely) is transferred to it. And you may need a small transaction cost to Buy or Gift Lovecoin.
The transaction cost may vary according to the Ethereum network status.

How to buy Ether?

You can exchange fiat currency to Ether from any of the cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinbase is an example.

What is WoL?

It is a graphical canvas in Lovecoin website which consists of 50000 individual spots. Each spot corresponding to each Lovecoin. You can write your names and a Quote in your spot.

How can I write our names in WoL?

When you gift the Lovecoin, you can provide your names and the message of your choice, the program will automatically inscribe it on your WoL spot forever.

How to choose my WoL spot?

You can choose your WoL spot while buying the Lovecoin or anytime before you gift the Lovecoin. The option is available on your profile page.

How do I gift Lovecoin to a person?

You can gift the Lovecoin to another person's Ethereum account through the interface provided on our website. Remember, by gifting, you are actually transferring Lovecoin from your ethereum account to another ethereum account, so the receiver also needs an Ethereum account.

Why is Lovecoin a precious gift?

Lovecoin is the first crypto collectible exclusively made for lovers and it is also the first digital identity (Lovedentity) for couples. And it is rare, only one in 152000 people get the opportunity to collect it. Each Lovecoin is unique, and its security is guaranteed by blockchain, once you own it, it is forever. Wait…!! Consider other features like WoL, Lovers Paradise. Such unlimited possibilities for a gift..!! It is precious.

What is Lovedentity?

Lovedentity (Love + Identity), is a unique identity created using Lovecoin.
The Lovedentity is created only when the owner of a Lovecoin gift it to another account. While gifting the coin, the owner can provide the names which He/She wish to embed in the Lovecoin.
The smart contract will encode the names in Lovecoin and Blockchain, and your Lovedentity is created.

What is Lovers Paradise?

Lovers paradise, a Virtual world waiting for Lovecoin holders. We said Lovecoin is just the beginning, there is more you can do with Lovecoin, Love Games, Love Quest and lovers paradise is full of surprises. Wait for the real adventure.

Why Lovecoin is a unique gift?

Lovecoin is developed in Ethereum blockchain using ERC-721 token standard, which means, unlike other cryptocurrencies, each of the coins is unique and tracked separately in Blockchain. Skip the technical blah blah blah.., in simple words, your name will be programmatically inscribed in your Lovecoin, and it will be preserved eternally. Now it is unique right?

How Lovecoin preserve my love eternally?

It is Blockchain that preserves your love eternally. Lovecoin is developed in Blockchain, an immutable distributed ledger.
Blockchain is the future. And we can say as long as Ethereum blockchain is there your Love will also be there.

What is the difference between Lovecoin and Lovedentity?

Both are Lovecoin, but a Lovecoin that is embedded with the ‘Names’ is called Lovedentity. In simple words, when the owner gifts the Lovecoin, the provided names also get encoded in the coin, and thereon the Lovecoin is termed as Lovedentity.
On the other hand, a Lovecoin which is never gifted ( It won't have any names encoded in it) is not a Lovedentity, it is just a digital asset.

How many Lovecoins will be there?

Seems like you have a fleet of Lovers.. The answer is 50000

Will there be more Lovecoin in future?

No.. certainly not. Lovecoin smart contract and WoL is designed for 50000 Lovecoins only.
The smart contract can’t be changed in future. Moreover, if it is an abundantly available thing, will that be a rare and precious gift?

Can I keep the Lovecoin without gifting it to anyone?

Yes, you may keep it. But remember the WoL spot becomes active only when you gift the coin to someone.

Can I resell a Lovecoin coin gifted by someone?

Yes dear Broken heart, you can resell it through the marketplace.

Can I choose a spot of my choice in WoL?

Of course, you can choose your spot when you buy the Lovecoin or anytime before you gift the Lovecoin. But remember, the allocation is on first come first serve basis. That is, you can’t claim a spot that is already occupied by another Lovecoin. So, to get your favorite location, Buy first and choose your spot first.

Can I change my WoL spot?

Technically no. The initial ‘Coin to WoL spot’ mapping is permanent in nature and it is not changeable in future.

So what if I am interested in another WoL spot?

To own a place in WoL, you must own the corresponding Lovecoin. If you are interested in a particular spot, you have the option to bid for that spot. If the owner is ready to sell his Lovecoin, you can buy the Lovecoin and the Corresponding WoL spot will be yours. You can overwrite the Lovedentity while gifting it.

What is bidding on WoL spot?

If you are interested in someone's WoL spot, you can bid for that spot. If he is also ready to sell, you can buy his Lovecoin and own the corresponding WoL spot.

Can I buy someones WoL spot?

Yes of course, but only if the other person is ready to sell his Lovecoin. But remember the price of that Lovecoin is determined by the owner. So, make an offer that they can’t refuse..!

I have added bid for a Lovecoin but next time when I logged in to my account the bid was missing.why?

In the coin owner have the provision to cancel the bids for his coin.Once you posted a bid for the coin, the coin owner can either cancel the bid or approve the bid.

What if I buy a Lovecoin from another person? Will that coin still have the properties of Lovecoin?

Of course, the only difference when you buy a new coin from our portal and from another person is that when you buy a new coin it will be blank, i.e no Lovedentity, no WoL spot; you have to create it.
But when you buy a Lovecoin from another person, there is a possibility that the coin already bears a Lovedentity. However, when you gift the coin to another person, the existing names in Lovecoin will be replaced with the new, and the contents in the WoL spot will also change according to your new contents.

Is Lovecoin an Asset?

It is a collectible and of course, it is a digital asset. Since Lovecoin supply is fixed and it is a rare gift, it is unlikely that the owners will sell the Lovecoin. So the demand for Lovecoin may steadily increase in future, making it a highly valuable asset.

Does the value of Lovecoin will rise?

Considering the nature of Lovecoin, the value of Lovecoin may steadily increase in future. Lovecoin is rare collectible, limited in numbers and people usually won't sell their Love symbol. So there is a high possibility that the value of Lovecoin may rise in future. Let's wait and see.