Buy lovecoin from any wallet

Send 0.0143 ETH to 0xf449302cf10352a22eef335c7ca89edbd42d9339

You can buy Lovecoin from any wallet by sending 0.0143 ETH to 0xf449302cf10352a22eef335c7ca89edbd42d9339 . To view Lovecoin in your wallet, you need to add the above address in ‘Add token’ option in the wallet. For enjoying the features of Lovecoin , login to our website with Metamask .

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A Precious Gift to Your Precious One !!

Lovecoin is a unique way to express your everlasting love to your soul mate. It is a Crypto Collectible; own it and gift to your partner. And get a rare opportunity to inscribe your names and meaning of your relationship in Universal Wall of Love.

Inscribe your love story in our digital wall

Ever wondered about preserving your treasured love forever? Love coin gives the opportunity to present your love story for the upcoming generation as a symbol of pure love. Gift Lovecoin to your loved one and engrave the meaning of your relationship in WoL spot.

What is Lovecoin?

Lovecoin is a digital asset created in Ethereum blockchain. Each of it is unique and mapped to a unique place in “Universal Wall of Love�. You can Buy Lovecoin, Gift Lovecoin or Resell it. Gift it and create a unique ‘Lovedentity’ in Blockchain. Yes…Your love is ‘Blockchained’, no one can Destroy it or Duplicate it; an everlasting manifest of your Love.


Lovers Paradise

You are not done yet, Lovecoin is just the beginning. It is your secret key to Lovers Paradise, an exclusive cyberspace for lovers with full of surprises.

You value your Love story? Then let us store it somewhere safe



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